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About Us

We live in an international world, but some retailers have shipping departments that haven’t caught up.
We’re UKitems.com, and we’re here to help. No matter where you live or work, we can ship your parcels to do regardless of the retailer’s shipping policies.
It works like this. When you sign up, we’ll give you a UK Ship To address. When you’re shopping online, and the site either doesn’t ship to your country or charges an exorbitant fee to do so, you can simply give them the Ship-To address we provided you. When your goods arrive, we’ll re-ship them to your home or office.
We consider it our job to eliminate the headaches from international shipping. We’re here for you. If you need a package held or several orders combined to reduce shipping costs, we’ll take care of it. We’re continually monitoring international couriers so we can pass along any deals they might offer.
If you ever have any questions about shipping, from how to reduce costs, to just about anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask. Remember, we are here to helping you.
Our service is fast. Unless you tell us otherwise, your package will leave our facility the same day it arrives. We’re entirely secure and reasonably priced. Our mission is simple. We’ll do whatever we can to get your parcels to you as quickly and inexpensively as possible.
So please, sign up today so that the next time you’re shopping somewhere, that won’t ship to you, or wants to charge more for shipping than the cost of your items. Also If you like us to buy and post the items for you then you are also welcome, please contact us with your requirements

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