We provide a doorstep solution to those who want to purchase products from the UK-based online and offline stores. Their shipping services are not limited to any country, but they deliver the required products in each part of the world to their international consumers.

While internet shopping has already spread all around the world but still many items are not available to purchase in specific countries; this does not include only the products of small and infamous brands but also the branded products of world-recognized companies. For example, if you are living outside the UK, then you cannot purchase the products from Primark, Asda, Tesco, Boots, Next, Dell, John Lewis, B&Q, and many other online stores. A person who has never used their products may compromise by purchase from alternative brands, but what about British citizens living outside the UK?

The popular shipping companies charge a lot to ship items from the UK to other countries. Primarily due to box packing, the price of the product becomes double. So, it is not worth using their services. If you asked them for consolidation services, they refused it because they have to follow the international standards of packaging to maintain the reputation and standards of their company’s services.

UKitems.com works differently in this matter. We are not bound to follow the standards of packaging because they operate as individuals and choose small boxes for shipping purposes, which saves you a lot of money on shipping. So, if you are living in a country where you do not have access to UK brands and want to bring these products to your doorsteps, then you can take advantages of our services

How does it works?

The whole process of purchasing to receiving products through us is quite simple. You need to register with us to get a physical address to ship your products in the UK instead of your international address. The registered members can also ask the us to do shopping on their behalf by merely sending the list to us by contacting us either via phone or email.

We will collect your items; repack them according to the size of the product. This consolidation services save you up to 80% on shipping charges. After repacking the products in one box, they deliver them to your international address.

UKItems.com has not limited its services to specific brands and products. You can purchase almost all types of products that are available in the UK through their services and get them delivered to your international address. These services also include sending UK brand products to your friends and family members living outside the UK.

Some Benefits of using our services:

Getting your product delivered from the UK to your home country is not the only advantage of using UKitems.com services, but you will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • We are offering cheap postage worldwide which will save you shipping charges
  • The registration is open for everyone and not limited to British citizens only
  •   We also offer you Consolidation service that allows you to save up to 80% on shipping
  • We deliver your product on the same day when we receive from the UK stores or we can keep them for longer according to your preference
  • We can repack your items in a customised box for various reasons.

To check the full list of our services, please check our services page by visiting the following link